HCpect provides commercial quantity of variants of Y zeolite for your applications:

    NaY zeolite, used primarily in catalysis, adsorption, ion exchange, waste water treatment, flue gas treatment, etc.

    USY zeolite. With ion exchange and ultra-stabilization, USY zeolite can be tuned in unit cell size, acid strength, acid density, sodium content, and silica/alumina ratio to flexibly meet your needs for catalysts and sorbents.

    HY zeolite. The proton-exchanged Y zeolite is mostly used as the active component in FCC or hydrocracking catalyst.

Crystallinity, %≥90≥80≥70
UCS, A24.65~24.7324.58~24.65≤24.58
Surface Area, m2/g≥700≥600≥600
Na2O, wt%≤13.5≤.5≤1.5

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