Technical Service

    Technical service is an integral part of our FCC products.

    Catalyst Formulation

    We tailor our catalyst formulation to each individual unit according to the economic drivers, product profiles, and unit constraints. We will reformulate timely for our clients if those conditions ever change.

    Routine Analytic Services

    Generally, weekly e-cat and monthly feed analyses are conducted locally in North America. The local lab is equipped with up-to-date and innovative equipment for analyses and troubleshooting, and run by highly proficient professional.

    Routine On-site Visit

    Our local expert team will make on-site visits at least quarterly to present unit review results and opportunities for improvement.

    Pilot Plant Service

    We will happily run scenarios in our circulating riser pilot plant for our clients. Of course, we will need your cooperation for feed and catalyst since the 16mm ID riser takes 2 kg/h of feed and has a 10 kg of catalyst inventory.

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